Union and non-Union auditions


The Colonial Theatre is seeking union and non-union actors for THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare


Saturday, May 6th and Sunday, May 7th

11am to 3pm

The Knickerbocker Music Center

35 Railroad Ave, Westerly, RI  02891

Actors may request an appointment by emailing 


First Rehearsal: July 3, 2023

Opening: July 22, 2023

Closing: August 13, 2023


Performances and rehearsals are outdoors in Wilcox Park, Westerly, RI

PREPARATION: 1 minute Shakespeare (or classical) monologue and/or short monologue from THE TEMPEST provided here:



Managing Director, Brian Edward

Artistic Director: Marion Markham

The Colonial Theatre is committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace environment, and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Toward that end, The Colonial affirms its commitment to non-discrimination and a flexible, imaginative casting policy. The Colonial Theatre strongly encourages the casting of women, non-gender binary/trans individuals, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and people with disabilities in roles where these are not germane to the role.


The Colonial Theatre is looking for an ensemble of twelve actors for our outdoor version of THE TEMPEST. Most roles will double as Spirits/Nymphs/ Mariners/Hounds as needed. All roles require excellent movement and vocal skills.

Ariel / As Cast (20’s –40’s, any gender)- Singing/dance/musical skills a must. Prospero’s devoted, island spirit who has the ability to control the elements. This role may be minimally costumed.

Caliban / As Cast (20s – 40s, male presenting) – Physically strong, “half human” slave to Prospero. Excellent with poetic text and movement. This role may be minimally costumed.

Stephano / As Cast (30-50, any gender) – King Alonso’s drunken butler. Seeking performers with excellent comedic timing and movement skills.

Trinculo / As Cast (late 20’s-40, any gender) – a jester. Seeking performers with excellent comedic timing and movement skills.

Prospero / Prospera (40s – 60s, any gender) – Deposed Duke of Milan, obsessed with books, wizard, commanding ruler of the island.

Miranda / As Cast (18– early 20s, female presenting) – Prospero/a’s teenage daughter who has spent most of her life on an island. Wild, innocent, curious, compassionate, falls in love at first sight with Ferdinand.

Ferdinand / As Cast (18 – 20s, male presenting) – Prince of Naples, kind, chivalrous, courageous.

Alonso / As Cast (50s – 60s any gender) – King of Naples, consumed with grief due to the presumed loss of his son and heir.

Gonzalo / As Cast (50-60 any gender) – Alonso’s kind, protective and optimistic counsellor.

Sebastian / As Cast (30s – 40s, any gender) – Younger sibling of Alonso -ambitious, easily manipulated to murder his brother.

Antonio / As Cast (30s – 40s, any gender) – Duke of Milan, Prospero’s brother. Power hungry and skillfully persuasive.

Boatswain / As Cast (20s-50s, any gender) – strong vocal and movement skills.