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A Special Reading of Shakespeare

It’s Showtime! Join us for a reading of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) staring Rudy Sanda, Richard Herron, Jamie Dufault. Directed by Marion Markham and edited by Liam Griscom!

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The Colonial Theatre of Rhode Island is committed to producing professional theatre of the highest quality, which includes providing an outdoor, summer Shakespeare Festival, and to establishing a series of educational programs and training opportunities for both children and adults designed to enhance both knowledge and appreciation of Theatre Arts.

The Colonial holds an equally strong commitment to our community: that its productions, overall, be both broadly appealing and challenging; that ticket prices be free or affordable, that local service organizations and other non-profits receive our support for their endeavors, and that Colonial Theatre’s offerings be a source of inspiration and education as well as entertainment.

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